Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hey guys

Hey it's Kristen.
Here's some of my stuff!

One of my first drawings in conte, learning the half lights and half darks.

Charcoal, but using mostly shapes.

Watercolor. I really enjoyed doing these.

Quick sketchy gestures which are pretty fun.

Eyes from my sketchbook. I had lots of different reference, and it was cool drawing all of them :)

So I took figure class for maybe 2 years in high school ( I went to an art magnet school called New World in Miami). I started as a freshman, and got progressively better and there were plenty of successes and failures. My teacher told me to just draw and to focus on the hands, feet and face. I don't remember learning the fundamentals (like drawing from the inside out or the 4 basic shades) and I never seemed to get any better. I'm glad Custode has implemented those things into the curriculum because I've seen improvement. After a week of class, I felt like I had learned so much, even if I did have experience drawing the figure before.

To answer the question we got in class, learning figure for a career in illustration is necessary because you have to learn the basics before you can continue on. The human figure is one of the hardest things anyone can draw, and once you conquer that, you can do anything! It's also like skateboarding; you need to learn how to skate before you can do tricks. As in once you know how the body is set up, it's easier to explore distorting it or stylizing it. Picasso was an amazing realistic renderer, but then he decided to do abstract art and explore the body in different ways. Learning how to draw the figure now will definitely benefit us in the future.

Have a goodnight everyone! :)

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Karima Illustration said...

I love the eyes drawings! wow really nice! :)