Saturday, November 8, 2008

a couple new figure works!

these are from thursday, nov 6th;

was pretty happy with how these came out, the first one i threw into photoshop and played around with some levels, and the second are 5min gestures. all done with watercolor.

anyway, to answer the question custode brought up about media; "How does the "choice of media" make a difference in drawing the figure successfully?"

i think the choice of media is important, but should never be limited - as long as it can produce the 4 key values anything is fair game to my eyes!

i think it all comes down to the artist though. what one person could excel at the other could fail miserably at - however, i think it's super important for people to always be trying new things(styles, media, etc).

if you limit your potential as an artist you'll never get anywhere, and who knows - something you once thought you'd never be good at but never tried, could be that one medium you'll be recognized for as an artist!


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