Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog Postage - Rachel Wolfe

Hey Guys, I suppose It's time for me share.

First off, I'm a transfer student, a CA at that, and at my other school I had to take a few figure classes for my major(all of which were prerequisites to my  animation classes).  Prior to college, I spent a lot of time drawing the figure, mainly because I've been into character design since I was in elementary school.

I believe figure drawing is important because it directly relates to drawing with observation, a skill that's a must for any artist.  You learn to add life and and movement to your work.

Anyway, I've included some of my work down below.  The first two drawings are from a figure class at my old school.  

Sepia Brush pen on copy paper
Conte' Crayon on tone paper. 

The next set of drawings are all from my sketchbooks.  I prefer drawing on smaller paper because a lot of times I chose ink to draw with.  Sometimes I even use blue pencil for the underlying structure and then go over it with ink.  My work tends to have a stylized feel to it, that's something I'm trying to work on.  But,  I enjoy drawing as many figures as possible which is why I love gesture day.  All of these are from the days we drew gestures.

Blue Pencil with Ink

This last one is from my own personal sketchbook, and are studies from a book I picked up in the library.  I prefer toned paper over white, especially with ink.

Sepia brush pen on recycled paper


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