Sunday, November 2, 2008

Images and some writing

Pen and ink
A pen and ink gesture I enjoyed doing since I had to move quickly.

journal page017
A watercolor study of a statue, it was interesting trying to establish volume using layers of color.

Hi y'all, my post is long overdue and it's something I should have done earlier but I am doing it now finally. Well I have had the issue of why is figure drawing important to working in the illustration world rattling around in my noggin for a bit. To me it's looking at the model and realizing it's very complex but I can only do so much to get it down, just how do I communicate the things I see in a clear way. Just how complex do I want to make a drawing, even if I get "everything" down I can lose so much if I cannot get one aspect I think makes the figure what it is stand out. That to me is the point in illustration clarity, yet I would like to make things a wee bit complex since that is what I like honestly.

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Tyler said...

i like your gestures man, you've got a good eye when it comes to plotting down the information in front of you and i can see your confidence in your pen lines, looks like you had fun!

as far as what you said about complexity; personally, i think getting down ' everything ' is bound to eventually become boring. if you follow the guide-lines to the point without putting in your own personal touch and flavor your image will look like what's in front of you, rather what you - see - in front of you.

needless to say though, if what you're aiming for is accuracy than more power to ya!

good drawings, i wana see more!