Thursday, November 20, 2008

Saw some pretty good drawing today!!

Some good drawing vibes going on in class today yall!

stopped by the library and scanned mine in for a quick experiment in photoshop - just a light tone overlay - im more pleased with it in this state than before, there were a lot of issues i keep fighting myself with whenever i do a graphite drawing - sometimes i just want to dig into the paper and throw some darker values in but i hold back and do more of a softer touch.

anyway, heres a question some of yall might want to throw some input in; How do you feel about using digital to enhance your drawings? Do you find it to be a useful tool, or do you rather fix everything traditionally?

that question has been hovering over my head a lot lately and i'm kind of indifferent about it. . . i feel its a - good - tool to use, but should never be used as a canvas to start a piece with, but thats just my opinion?


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