Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Contribution

As the title says...

These were some five minute gestures from 11/3/08. I really like working inside my small sketchbook. I carry this sketchbook around and use it every day. I always want to put my better work in my sketchbook. I also love using pen and ink. I like working loosely and quickly. I just really love gestures.

 I like how on gesture days we can use any media we want. I do think that long pose days should be in charcoal, however. It's important that the longer poses should be done that way. I know I definitely need to work on longer charcoal studies.

Here are some journal sketches...
I really like how the ears came out. I think it's my best work in my journal. I'm not very good at graphite rendering... I'm still trying to get better and better at it...
... and my self-portrait. I think it turned out pretty well considering I can't really draw myself... and that it's in graphite. I know I'm improving with portraits and that makes me happy :) 


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