Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for sending me the "Jean" art.

I didn't as yet see the acrylic wash paintings; He sure is uninhibited in using color. I call that "Arbitrary Color," where the color departs from the natural tones of the skin, and the image takes on whatever color the artist wants to emphasize - arbitrarily.

In the hand of the man, the values don't hold well but he uses color to show the changes in plane direction. But they 're very inspiring, and you should try to "break out" with color if you’d like to try that way of seeing - for a while.

I did see the figures when I Googled Jean's site. Boy, he can really show "movement" in the figure. Our students ought to copy one or two of Jean's gestures...they'll learn to have figures move.

Please Consider posting Jean' swork on the Figure bog!

My Best,


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