Sunday, November 2, 2008

new figure work!

really happy with how this one came out, had a lot of fun making the atmosphere and the space hes surrounded in!

charcoal has been kind of a touchey medium for me lately, usually i'm pretty confident with it, but i've been tightening up a lot with it and i'm not sure if i like it or not haha! id like to get into some more painterly strokes at some point in the future, a little more loosey goosey and less tight timothy if you will?

needless to say though, for what it is, this drawing is probably one of the ones i'm more proud about



Kevin said...

The atmosphere definitely works, plus I know what you mean about loosening up with charcoal. I seem to work best when I don't tense up with it.

FC said...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Right Brain Prophesy
By Fiore Custode

I wasn’t that far off …when five years ago I wrote in my (Ringling Enters The Cyber Century), that the Entertainment Industry would send their “Entertainment Gurus” to Ringling as mentors and collaborators in developing “feature” entertainment. It almost happened, and may yet.

The recent article appearing in the Sarasota Herald written by Doug Sword and Mike Pollick stated that we tentatively missed such an opportunity as Textor might choose to locate in Port St. Lucie in stead, I hope not!

I don’t know whether the money and facilities that Sarasota offered Textor would make all the difference in enticing Textor to locate here. There needs to be something “Spiritually Imperative” for Textor to make Sarasota its Digital Domain for making Feature Films here, like….”an offer that they can’t refuse.” Obviously, Textor hasn’t yet seen such an offer.

The best kept secret (in spite of all our Advancement and Promotion efforts, i.e. “Preeminent Campaign,” is that Ringling remains the single most Grand and Greatest Art school in the World, where Art is still developed along with Digital Technology. Somehow, Textor believes that Sarasota – as a location - is indispensable. They don’t see that Sarasota is the future site of the 21st Century “Naissance” in learning, not only for entertainment, but also for “Leonardesqe Technology,” which goes beyond entertainment. Something great will happen here, if we don’t all caught up in making “Monster Magic Films” - only. Education is still a mission, as Yale and Leonardo show.

Leonardo is the quintessential Artistic mind which is a blend of Art and Technology (which my be the same thing in reality); his is a synergistic mind, whose interests went beyond the limited “Entertainment,” allure. Leonardo was interested in Anatomy, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Natural Forces, Human Physiognomy, Battlements, Human Vision, and Art.

If Ringling is to emerge (be seen) a the Preeminent Art College in the world, then it’s vision ought to look beyond the next transient “Feature Film.”

Fiore Custode, Faculty - Ringling College Of At &Design