Monday, June 7, 2010

They Can’t Take Art Away ©

They Can’t Take Art Away ©
by Fiore Custode

No one can take Art away from anyone. Creativity is natural to all of us. It’s like breathing fresh air. All we have to do is “do it” - like children do.

”Children are the best artists because they express their truths without concern for “The Selling” of art or what corporations use art for in their commercial endeavors.
And probably no one needs to be taught ART; it’s a natural act.

Art schools like the Rembrandt School in Amsterdam, or the Venetian schools taught technique, to prepare them for “patronage,” and their genius came forward in doing so.
But they were artists in spite of those things because they were creative people.

All art movements were influenced by, and tended to follow the agendas or of the times that they lived in. Art movements often followed the dictates of the Church, The State, Noblemen, Political Climate, Wars, Prosperity, Social Affluence, Commerce, Society, and the visual concepts of important innovators and genius’. Children need “None of that.”

It’s important to teach Art history to Children just as it is to teach World History. But put simply, teachers ought give children a period of time every day to paint, draw, or sculpt. The Children will do the rest…they’ll create ART, because Humans love to imagine, create, and make things that they can look at and say,” I loved making art.”

To say that we need to “teach” art to children is like saying we need to “Teach children to breathe.” As teachers, we need to keep children inspired, offer them time to create, take them to nature, and give them paper, color, and clay. They will astound us with what we grown-ups have forgotten to see, and express.