Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Figure Works

In a way, I'm very surprised that we didn't use charcoal till about mid to end semester. Because, all of freshman year that's all we used (with slight integration of contè). In a way I think that gives us a head start vs. all the other classes where I see my friends just doing charcoal. Variety is always nice.
Drawing the figure in different medias I think forces us to look at the figure in many different ways. Sometimes we have to look at it in just blocks of shadows others we have to look into the shadows to see light. With that, depicting the figure and being able to experiment will come much easier for us.
Figure drawing itself is one of the most important things we'll ever learn. Not only just drawing the figure, but perceiving the figure is the biggest challenge. As Custode says, "In this class I'm here to teach you how to see not copy the figure...". Which, I think thats what drawing the figure should be about.
Here are some of the recent Charcoal drawings:

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