Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Watercolor drawings!!

I finally got to scanning 3 pages from my journal. My first couple watercolor studies were not very successful since I was concerned more with getting every detail in the figure rather than big masses and shapes like in these ones where i try to show the contrast between lights and darks more.
As for the question of the importance of figure in illustration...
I think that without knowing the human body, anatomy, movement, the whole figure in general you can't really go into other illustrations cause figure drawing is the base for everything else. Even when the figures are not realistic they are based on a concept that is known to everyone and that is the human body, which is used for references and such. I've had such a hard time learning how to draw the figure from the inside out cause all my life I have been doing it the other way, but I'm satisfied with what I have seen so far because I can start to see the results of putting things I learn to use, and I just want to keep learning and improving.

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