Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something more intellegent (hopefully)

I had to really stretch my thinking cap to get some rationale I fully agree with. Everybody's got a different body. Right down to every teensy weensy angle, curve, and joint. This helps you to really see and look at what you're drawingand make a habit of that thinking even outside figure class and naked people. I'd have to check Webster's official stance on the matter but I'd say its the difference between seeing and percieving. Viewing stuff like that helps oodles with drawing but not so much behind the wheel.

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Tyler said...

pretty good points zach, i come across a lot of people who draw what they think is there and not what they see.

although, in my opinion, i think it's really important to really try and simplify those 'odd' curves and crevices of the body into more simple shapes and structures to not spend hours upon hours rendering a fold in someones skin.

again, good points though!